About Us

I’m Josh, I design, create and sew all of the handmade items here at Kayda Outdoor Products. We are a fairly new business based in North Shropshire with the aim of creating hardwearing outdoor clothing and accessories for adults, children and a few things for pets too. We are a small, family run business - my wife Heather helps with the technical side of operations and our two children are the very willing guinea pigs who help design and test the latest creations.

I've always been a bit handy on the sewing machine, fixing holes in jeans and taking t-shirts in that were a bit too big, but when our eldest was born I tried my hand at making some coats. Bit of a big jump from alterations to actual garments but it meant I could fully customise it to their needs. It started because we were struggling to find outdoor clothing that was really functional and could stand up to a child being a child, but not cost the earth. We got to play around with different designs and all sorts of fabrics.

After successfully creating a coat that definitely got put through it's paces by a three year old along with people saying they couldn't believe it was handmade, the seed was sown that this could be a business. It's quite handy when you have your own product testers that can give you honest feedback about the design, fit and comfort.

In September 2021 we were very proud to share that we had qualified as a plastic free champion business by Surfers Against Sewage, a charity that helps to fund the way to cleaner oceans. We spent a long time looking at ways we could cut out single use plastic from our manufacturing and packaging processes.

We are going further with this pledge by creating products that are meant to be reused, recycling fabrics and offering a mending service for our coats.

As well as our off-the-peg products that can be found in our website shop, we also offer a bespoke service designing and creating products as one-offs. We have had the pleasure of making a wide variety of items from tweed draught excluders to custom shaped dog beds. Whether you are looking to customise a product we already do or something completely new then please get in touch to discuss ideas. Check out our social media pages for more examples of the things we've created.

Kayda Outdoor Products